Our Lab is unique because we do the unusual analytical projects that routine labs will not tackle. We discuss thoroughly with our clients the goals and objectives of studies after which we design the appropriate sampling strategies that will help realise those objectives.

We keep abreast of regulatory compliance requirements, QA/QC, sampling methods and data interpretation in order to produce sound reports.

Testing Undertaken

  1. Water Analysis In The Following Areas:
    Waste water discharges
    Compatibility of formation water for injection purpose
    Toxicology Test
    Benthic Studies
  2. Petroleum Products, lubricants and Fossil Fuels Testing/Analysis
    Crude Oil Characterisation
    Flash Point of Petroleum Products
    Pour Point of Petroleum Products
    API Gravity of Crude Petroleum
    Vapour Pressure of Petroleum Products
    Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids
    Acid and Base Number
    ASTM Colour of Petroleum Products
    Sediment in Crude Oils and Fuel Oils
    Salts in Crude Oil
    FTIR analysis
    Compositional Analysis of Gas
    Finger Printing of Crude Oil
  3. Soil Analysis/Testing
    Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon
    Carbonate Test
    Particle Size Analysis
    Organic Matter
    Lime Requirement of Acid Soils
    Cation Exchange Determinations
  4. Plant and Animal Feed Products Analysis
    Nutritional and Calorific values, fats, oil protein,
    ash crude fibre. etc
  5. Mud Engineering and Drilling Chemicals Testing/Analysis
    Evaluation of drilling chemicals for suitability in drilling operations
    Chemical constituents of drilling chemicals
  6. Transformer Oil Analysis
    Dissipation factor (Dielectric constant)
    Water in Insulating Liquids
    Gas content of Insulating Oils (Dissolved Gases)
    Analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) in Insulating Liquids,
    such as in Transformers
  7. Air Quality Monitoring
    NOX, SOX, H2S, NH4, CO, VOC, CxHY
    Suspended Particulate Matter
    Wind Speed/Direction
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