Our Profile

Lighthouse Petroleum Engineering Company Limited (LPEC) is an indigenous Environmental Consulting and Laboratory services company with headquarters in Warri and a branch office in Port-Harcourt. LPEC was formed in 1981 with the aim to provide quality, cost effective laboratory services to the Oil Industry, and to, in addition, undertake field and reservoirs studies so as to maximise production.

The broad objectives are carried out through the provision of the following services

  • Water Analysis
  • Petroleum and Petroleum Product Testing
  • Corrosion Monitoring of Flowlines, Pipelines and Process Facilities
  • Soil Analysis and Testing
  • EIA Studies
  • Mud and Drilling Chemicals Testing/Analysis
  • Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Sea Bed Survey/Bathymetric Survey
  • Waste Management
  • Leachate Analysis
  • Plant and Animal Feed Product Analysis
  • Sanitary Sewage Effluent Monitoring
  • Microbiology
  • Remediation of Impacted Sites, etc

We are dedicated to technical excellence, high quality analytical support, and customer satisfaction. We have an established client base of over ten companies and over twenty years of experience in analytical chemistry, environmental science, microbiology, chemical and other manufacturing areas.

Our expertise is also in Air quality monitoring, identification of Oil spills and Food analysis.

All our analyses are carried out in conformity with ASTM procedures. Our Lab is unique because we do the unusual analytical projects that routine labs will not tackle. We discuss thoroughly with our clients the goals and objectives of studies after which we design the appropriate sampling strategies that will help realise those objectives.

We keep abreast of regulatory compliance requirements, QA/QC, sampling methods and data interpretation in order to produce sound reports.

Staff Experiance

All our permanent staff are graduates either from local Universities or overseas with a minimum of five years' experience post qualification. Apart from the permanent staff, we have consultants in the Universities who are invited to participate in major, multi-disciplinary studies such as EIA and Field/Reservior Studies.